Does seltzer water damage teeth?

The effects are negligible


Carbonated water has a negligible effect on bone and enamel by itself. All fizzy drinks are based off forced CO2, added in one way or another, and this gives the water a low pH (of around 3) relative to plain water but it’s really the additional components that can affect teeth. Club soda, for example, usually has added salt, sodium/potassium bicarbonate, or sodium/potassium citrate which can make the drink more acidic and more negatively affect the teeth. Soda, as another example, is chock full of sugars, citric acids and various other components that help your dentist put his kids through college. So ultimately, drinking seltzer/sparkling water will not really damage your teeth at all (although club soda may have more of an effect).

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Reason For Asking:

I drink a lot of seltzer water.

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